Scholarship Winner - Steven Krozer

How the Use of Practi-Products and Medical Simulation Have Enhanced My Education

By Steven Krozer

Steven KrozerThere are few feelings that are worse than not knowing what to do when you are asked to demonstrate a nursing intervention in a clinical environment.

You glance at the clock, hoping to be saved by the end of your shift. You start to perspire, your hands start to shake, and your mouth turns dry. Besides feeling embarrassed, you feel like you let yourself, your clinical instructor, and perhaps even your patient down. You think to yourself: “I should have practiced more.” Thankfully, with the use of injection simulators and the practice supplies from Wallcur, I am able to do just that; I am able to approach a clinical skill with more confidence.

Hands-on experience is the most beneficial aspect of practice equipment from Wallcur. Without investing in injection simulation needles , I.V. Bags, or vials I would need to rely solely on my limited laboratory time to learn a skill. And, attempting to learn a skill in a limited one to two hour lab that is only held twice a week, at most, is very impractical, unsafe, and nearly impossible. It is therefore much more preferable to learn the skill in lab and practice at home.

In my personal experience, I knew that I was going to have an issue with mastering the technique of administering injections in our short amount of allotted laboratory time. I would probably be able to understand the fundamentals of giving the injections, such as the angle to hold the needle, but I would not have much hands-on time to apply my knowledge. Somehow, I knew I needed to find a way to practice at home. Though I have heard of using an orange to simulate a person’s skin when practicing giving a shot, I still lacked a clean and safe needle and syringe to practice with. It is not like you can walk down to your local drug store and purchase a 23 gauge needle, after all.

To solve my issue, I purchased an injection simulator, a range of different sized needles, several different sized syringes, and got to work. Over the course of the next week I practiced techniques to administer intramuscular, subcutaneous, and even intradermal injections.

Now, I feel more confident about giving a shot – so much so that I am planning to sign up to administer vaccines this fall at my school’s flu clinic. Thanks to the injection simulator and practice equipment from Wallcur, I feel much more prepared and am ready to work with human clients.