Scholarship Finalist - Shannon Izer

How the Use of Practi-Products and Medical Simulation Have Enhanced My Education

By Shannon Izer

Shannon IzerLab simulations have in use since World War II. They were first used during the war by fighter pilots to help simulate real-life war situations. Simulations continue to be used in that field today to prepare pilots to safely fly their aircrafts. Nursing has adopted use of simulation in nursing education following the success of simulation use in the field of aviation. The experience being offered in a simulation lab is becoming very important in nursing and nursing education. Studies indicate the value of simulation in, build confidence, and gain psychomotor skills at a faster pace. Teamwork and collaboration skills are also developed through the use simulation as students work as teams in the simulation scenario to provide patient care. Furthermore, when interviewed nursing students reported positive feelings about their simulation experience and how it prepared them for a future in the health care field.

The Wallcur products facilitate the learner to be active in this very important step of the educational process. Wallcur has been providing simulation supplies to students and educators in all areas of the medical field all around the world for over 40 years. I have had the most experience with is the Practi-injecta pad and it has allowed me with invaluable experience. The Practi-injecta pad has allowed me to improve my skills in administering subcutaneous and intramuscular injections without harming patients or having to practice on fellow students.

The use of simulation has been around since World War II and continues to be useful in assisting nursing students to master psychomotor skills today. Students feel much more prepared to work in their field of study as a result of participating in simulation experiences and using products that look and feel real. Wallcur has been a facilitator in this process by creating products for over 40 years that are useful in the simulation arena. The Practi-injecta pad has allowed me improve my injection techniques. My confidence for administering intramuscular and subcutaneous injections has grown allowing me to provide safer and more expert care. I know that with continued use of the injecta pad I will continue to work towards being an expert nurse with expert skills.