Scholarship Finalist - Cristina Zapata Huezo

How the Use of Practi-Products and Medical Simulation Have Enhanced My Education

By Cristina Zapata Huezo

Practi‐Products Breed Confidence

Cristina Zapata HuezoI strive deeply to become a nurse; to serve, aid, and positively encourage patients to place a higher value on their health. The calling to become a nurse urged me to look into a nursing program that would not only teach me all the necessary skills and traits that I need to be a competent nurse, be respectable in the community and also have labs that are well equipped and use quality teaching methods and products; Grossmont College is such a place and pleasantly as surprised and exceeded my expectations.

With the excitement of starting a nursing program I fantasized about how my classes would be, what kind of friendships I would make, what subjects I would be ‘a natural’ at and which would take me more practice, and of course I was full of eagerness to learn and practice the skills; those that sparked my interest most were injections, and IVs.

When the day came to learn about injections I felt like a kid on Christmas, there were so many Practi‐Products from Wallcur that were passed out for us to train with. Some of them included Practi-Vials, Practi-Powder Vials, Practi-Insulin Vials with both Practi‐Regular Insulin, and Practi‐NPH Vials.

Practicing skills always puts together the seemingly endless hours of studying with the love of patient care and interaction. Practi‐products gives students the opportunity to be comfortable to mess up and be amateurs in a controlled safe environment at school rather than having the first exposure be actual drugs with real adverse reactions and living patients.

Once we were assigned a clinical location I had confidence to be able to administer medication in a variety of routes because of my practice with Practi‐Products. I have been complimented while on the medical‐surgical floor by my preceptor nurse and patient that I have a confident demeanor while administering medications via any route and I think a lot of that has to do with the in‐class instruction time working with the Practi‐Products.

The Practi‐Products are very similar to the feel and size of real vials and IV bags used in the hospital, being so familiar with the products in the lab prior to using them in the hospital makes my nursing learning experience have less stress and more self‐assurance.

Receiving a scholarship to help pay for the expenses that come from being a nursing student will not just get me to the finish line of becoming a nurse but it is more about building an essential foundation of positivity for the rest of my nursing career. Wallcur’s mission to provide ideas and products that both stimulate and simulate clinical learning in a safe non‐clinical environment is exactly how I feel about it, the times we used it were exciting and positive and created a hospital clinical experience full of confidence that I don’t think would have flowed so quickly without the Practi‐Products being used in my school’s laboratory.