Scholarship Finalist - Corina Day

How the Use of Practi-Products and Medical Simulation Have Enhanced My Education

By Corina Day

Corina DayWhen I first started nursing school, I had absolutely no experience with direct patient care. Zip. Zero. Nada. Honestly, I was quite nervous about having to perform some of these procedures on my patients. What poor soul would be my guinea pig? Would I hurt them accidentally? What if I’m terrible at this? Luckily, the Simulation Lab at South Plains College has a plethora of Manikins on which we can practice our skills.

I felt really silly the first time I had to talk to a Manikin and explain what was happening to him, but over time, the conversations about the medications and procedures became second nature. As ridiculous as it might have felt to work on a Manikin, it was an invaluable experience. We have used Wallcur products to learn to administer injections and IV Fluids, divide and crush pills , as well as administering solutions from a crash cart. I firmly believe that repetition is the key to learning and perfecting a new skill, so I spend a lot of time in the Simulation Lab honing my skills.

The first time I walked into a real patient’s room to give an injection, there were no nerves because it was something I had done many, many times before. I didn’t have to fake my confidence in my abilities because I actually had confidence in my abilities. I had done it so many times before as part of a simulation that the process was ingrained in my memory. If it hadn’t been for my instructor standing in the room with me, I don’t believe my patient would have ever known that I was a student. I wasn’t nervous, shaky, or anxious; I was just ready to give my patient the best care possible.

I know that in some cases, feigning confidence can actually build confidence. However, in my case, there was no need to fake confidence because I had already acquired it through hours of practice in the Simulation Lab. Practi-products and the simulation lab have been invaluable tools in my nursing education.