Wallcur-EHR Tutor Partnership

Wallcur and EHR Tutor

Simulate Medication Administration Seamlessly with Recently Announced Wallcur and EHR Tutor Partnership

EHR Tutor and Wallcur announce a new partnership that allows Wallcur products to be scanned within EHR Tutor’s electronic charting system for a realistic medication administration simulation for Nursing and Allied Health students.

The Medication Administration Records (MAR) feature within EHR Tutor allows Simulation Lab Coordinators and Instructors to add orders for any medication used during lab hours. Adding an order automatically generates a barcode for both the medication and the patient which can be placed on practice medications and mannequins respectively.

The recently announced integration with Wallcur Practi-Meds eliminates the need to print medication barcodes all together and will ultimately save Simulation Coordinators and Instructors valuable setup time. Now, faculty and staff can simply add an order for any Practi-Product and use the preprinted barcode on the corresponding Wallcur item.

EHR Tutor customers who place a new order with Wallcur can now receive a 10% discount on Practi-Meds products. Contact your EHR Tutor Sales Representative for the appropriate discount code before renewing your order with Wallcur.
Contact sales@ehrtutor.com / 440-305-6188 for more information.

EHR Tutor is an affordable, easy to use solution for electronic charting in the Classroom, Simulation Lab and Clinicals:

  • Barcode scanning and medication administration functionality included in the cost of EHR Tutor.
    Recommended barcode scanners are low cost and require no additional setup or installation
  • Print barcodes for patients and medications or use the barcodes on Wallcur's Practi-Med products
  • Web based and can be used on any browser, tablet or mobile device
  • Pre-built patient charts and suggested activities make implementation quick and easy
  • Edit or add orders to any patient scenario at any time

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