Practi-Oral Med Teaching Module™

Practi-Oral Med Pack CD Module™  MOD601

Practi-Oral Med Teaching Module™

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Are you ready for your nursing skills lab, pharmacy tech lab, or clinical simulation center? Wallcur's Practi-Teaching Modules™ have been prepared exclusively by educators to promote student-hands-on experience, assessment and application through critical thinking.

  • The Practi-Oral Med Teaching Module™ Includes:
  • Medication description chart listing trade name, generic name, normal dosage, and action of each of our 20 Practi-Oral Meds
  • Overview of the Six Rights of Medication Administration
  • Patient case studies
  • Physicians' orders including incorrect orders
  • MAR worksheets showing common transcription errors
  • Competency skills checklist

Order today to provide students with the most comprehensive and safe practice available.

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Due to the nature of the format, Practi-Teaching Modules are non-refundable.

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