Practi-Insulin Teaching Module™

Practi-Insulin CD Module™  MOD408

Practi-Insulin Teaching Module™

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Are you ready for your nursing skills lab, pharmacy tech lab, or clinical simulation center? Wallcur's Practi-Teaching Modules™ have been prepared exclusively by educators to promote student-hands-on experience, assessment and application through critical thinking.

  • The Practi-Insulin Teaching Module™ Includes:
  • Overview of types of diabetes and its treatment
  • Four patient case studies requiring student assessment and evaluation
  • Actual physicians' orders and MAR worksheets for transcribing orders
  • Syringe illustrations
  • Competency skill checklist
  • Multiple blank I.V. solution additive stickers for students to complete and apply to solution bags

Order today and start providing your students with the most comprehensive and safe practice available.

Qty: 1 module

Due to the nature of the format, Practi-Teaching Modules are non-refundable. For simulation practice only.

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