Practi-Calcul8™Math Module

Practi-Calcul8™ CL81000

Practi-Calcul8™Math Module

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Practi-Calcul8™ is our exclusive module to help educators design, teach, and test dosage calculations. The addition of Practi-Mini-Ampule labels, simulate eight currently prescribed drug labels.

  • The Practi-Calcul8 module Includes:
  • Over 200 clinical dosage and solution questions and answers
  • Actual physician orders for realistic interpretation
  • Integrated knowledge in anticipating and evaluating drug results

Practi-Calcul8 has been designed and written by nurse educators as a tool for teaching core drug and clinical dosage math. Make your simulations come alive by ordering today!

Use with:

Practi-Vitamin-K™ Peel-N-Stick labels.

Practi-Dilaud™ Peel-N-Stick labels.

Practi-Epi™ Peel-N-Stick labels.

Practi-Isoprl™ Peel-N-Stick labels.

Practi-Methergne™ Peel-N-Stick labels.

Practi-Phenergn™ Peel-N-Stick labels.

Practi-Inderl™ Peel-N-Stick labels.

Practi-Narcn™ Peel-N-Stick labels.

Qty: 1 module

Due to the nature of the format, Practi-Calcul8 Modules are non-refundable. For simulation practice only.

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