Nursing Moulage Kit

Nursing Moulage Kit MK-200N

Nursing Moulage Kit

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By educator request, Wallcur now offers the Nursing Moulage Kit.

Make your simulations come alive!

For the medical moulage designer, this kit includes the essentials needed to create basic, intermediate and advanced moulage designs (medical, trauma, obstetrics) including three dimensional interactive wounds that can be sutured, ruptured, drained and triaged in addition to bruises, surgical incisions, rashes, pallor, cyanosis, vomitus, wound drainage, sputum and all manner of medical related theatrical effects.

Nursing Moulage Kit components, simulator safe make-up, materials and tools come packed in a sturdy carrying case for use in the simulation suite and training site.

Heighten the realism in your simulations whether using simulators or live actors by creating training scenarios that look, feel, sound and smell like the real thing.

For simulation practice only. This product is not eligible for discounts.

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