"ARMANDO" IV Training Arm (by Remedy)

"ARMANDO" IV Training Arm (by Remedy) REM-IV-ARM-01

"ARMANDO" IV Training Arm (by Remedy)

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Remedy Simulation Group is very excited to announce the release of their brand new Armando IV/ Injection Training Arm. Remedy's team of designers created an all-in-one, easy to use arm model suitable for a multitude of training scenarios.

With Armando, instructors no longer need to waste valuable class time setting-up intricate arm or trying to pull an ill-fitting latex skin over a plastic stump that is supposed to resemble a hand and arm. Armando's unique modular design allows end-users to not only set up their system in minutes, but to change scenarios almost immediately. The hand and arm inserts can be placed or removed in seconds by simply guiding the attached silicone tubing through the arm core tube. Attaching an IV bag or pump couldn’t be simpler with just a twist of one Luer connector. Armando's inserts are currently designed specifically for Venipuncture practice however, we have several other inserts in the works for training of different procedures including IV Administration. The upper arm injection pad easily slides onto the arm core tube for quick removal and/ or replacement.

Each Armando IV insert was designed to provide an accurate venipuncture scenario. The soft urethane rubber outer skin has a realistic look and feel while the urethane foam inside provides authentic subtle resistance. Both inserts feature veins just below the outer skin that learners will be challenged to locate.

The Armando base arm is a full scale adult arm of appropriate size and weight and is made of 100% silicone rubber for authentic look and feel - no latex!

Qty: 1