Practi-Injection Simulators

The Practi-Mini Anatomical Template simulates the most commonly used injection sites. Each 5" x 5" template overlays the surface area of the Practi-Mini Injecta Pad™ allowing quick visualization and realistic needle placement.

Practi-Mini Injecta Pad™ is 5" x 5" x 2½" for multiple needle lengths. Just like the original Practi-Injecta Pad, the MINI will provide excellent hands on simulation practice for students needing to master injection techniques.

Practi-SimSkin consists of an epidermis, dermis & subcutaneous layer and behaves and feels like real skin. Designed to teach intradermal injection skills and handcrafted to produce a “bleb” or “wheal” with either liquid or air injections. 3" x 3".