Practi-Go Figure™

Practi-Go Figure™  GCD9901

Practi-Go Figure™


Practi-GO FIGURE™ is an exclusive CD to help educators integrate the teaching and testing of dosage calculations. The addition of Wallcur’s Practi-Peel and Stick™ drug labels, simulate four commonly used IV antibiotics; ceftriaxone, Ancef®, vancomycin and Zithromax® and are all necessary to complete the learning experience.

Advantage to the Educator

Laurie D. Munday, nurse educator and co-author of Math for Meds, has written and validated this comprehensive testing tool using challenging calculations and key dosage concepts in an easy, classroom ready-to-use format.

  • The Practi-GO FIGURE CD Includes:
  • A series of drug labels for reading and interpretation
  • Realistic written physician orders
  • Challenging scenarios for assessing individual patients
  • Critical thinking to do the math and prepare the dosages
  • Integrated knowledge in anticipating and evaluating drug results

Practi-GO FIGURE brings the educator a unique blend of classroom study, testing, and assessment using more than 160 clinical questions and answers.

With Wallcur’s Practi-GO FIGURE, we’ve brought the preparation and the FUN back into mastering clinical math.

Due to the nature of the format, Practi-Go Figure CD's are non-refundable. For simulation practice only.

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