Practi-Anatomical Templates™ (Black & White)

Practi-Anatomical Templates™ 550PT

Practi-Anatomical Templates™ (Black & White)


Practi-Anatomical Templates™ for Wallcur Practi Injecta-Pad®

Teach a variety of injection techniques.

Wallcur's anatomical teaching templates will provide hours of hands-on practice and more authentic simulation of intramuscular and subcutaneous sites and specific injection techniques than ever before. Each template overlays the surface of the Practi-Injecta Pad® for quick visualization, realistic placement, and injection technique practice.

  • The 6 Interchangeable Templates Include:

    • Abdominal (New & Improved)
    • Deltoid
    • Arm
    • Ventrogluteal (New!)
    • Leg
    • Upper thigh

    Practi-Templates are extremely durable and can be used over and over providing hundreds of hours of practice. The student can also use Wallcur Practi-vials, Practi-Amps, and our selection of the most commonly used syringes to complete the simulation.

    Order today for immediate shipment. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. For simulation practice only.

    Qty: 6 templates.

    *Due to the nature of the product, all sales are final.

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