Practi-Anatomical Templates™ (Black & White)

Practi-Anatomical Templates™ 550PT

Practi-Anatomical Templates™ (Black & White)


Practi-Anatomical Templates™ for Wallcur Practi Injecta-Pad®

Teach a variety of injection techniques.

Wallcur's anatomical teaching templates will provide hours of hands-on practice and more authentic simulation of intramuscular and subcutaneous sites and specific injection techniques than ever before. Each template overlays the surface of the Practi-Injecta Pad® for quick visualization, realistic placement, and injection technique practice.

  • The 6 Interchangeable Templates Include:

    • Abdominal (New & Improved)
    • Deltoid
    • Arm
    • Ventrogluteal (New!)
    • Leg
    • Upper thigh

    Practi-Templates are extremely durable and can be used over and over providing hundreds of hours of practice. The student can also use Wallcur Practi-vials, Practi-Amps, and our selection of the most commonly used syringes to complete the simulation.

    Order today for immediate shipment. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. For simulation practice only.

    Set of 6. NEW REDUCED PRICE!

    *Due to the nature of the product, all sales are final.

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